Pre Seminar Classes

The classes below are at an additional cost.  Please click on the link for the class you want to take to register.

Curt Kempton from Symphosize Software – ResponsiBid

Come join Curt for the first ever ResponsiCon event.  If you are a current ResponsiBid user or are thinking about using ResponsiBid you can’t afford to miss this event.

Enjoy learning from the pros at ResponsiBid, as well as other users about best practices, pro tips & tricks. There will also be several competitions including a video contest, ultimate follow-up, and more.
Attend workshops, and network with other users to help you polish your ResponsiBid automation to be just the way you envision it for the most effective results.

Ramon Burke from Spray Wash Academy

Advanced Plant and Property Protection: Protect yourself and your customer!

This Spray Wash Academy certification course, hosted by Instructor Ray Burke will take an in-depth look at property and plant protection techniques. From proper masking, identifying the most common job-site hazards, and protecting your customer’s property (and your liability!!!!), this course will be a valuable asset to your knowledge arsenal. Security systems, custom stained woodwork, water intrusion and paint fade are all potential hazards that can turn a profitable job into a nightmare… we will look at a variety of techniques to navigate these pitfalls!

In the plant education coursework, we will discuss the most sensitive plants, proper watering, draping, drainage, and much, much more. You’ll gain a practical working knowledge of the lifecycle of the chemicals we use, how they impact landscaping and exterior surfaces, and how to eliminate damage and importance of how to neutralize the most common chemicals we use.

Attendees who pass the course final exam will be able to proudly display the Spray Wash Academy “Plant and Property Protection” certification logo on their marketing material and web-site. This is a must have course to show your customers you have the knowledge and training essential to keep their property safe!

SoftWash: The Basics

Understand the basic concepts of softwashing and roof cleaning (Hint: softwashing doesn’t mean just holding the wand further away!) We will discuss questions such as: How much pressure is too much pressure? What is it we’re actually cleaning up there? How do I take advantage of the newest technologies in cleaning to make my life easier? What does the manufacturer actually say about the surfaces I’m attacking?

Whether you are just considering entering the cleaning industry, a relative newbie, or even an old pro, this course has something for everyone. We will examine a variety of exterior surfaces, the advantages and pitfalls of cleaning them, and an overview of equipment and mixtures to use. We’ll take a look at the life-cycle of the cleaning process and the chemicals used. A better informed contractor is a better selling contractor… Sell your services with confidence to the modern educated customer.

Michael Draper from Window Cleaner Safety

This class is designed with all everything in mind with the exception of High Rise and Aerial Lift Training. It will cover ladder safety centering around extension, stack, step and telescoping ladders with emphasis on proper set up, inspection, and use based on OSHA 1910.23.

The class also covers Chemical Safety, Water Fed Pole Safety, Electrical Hazards, Noise Control, Personal Protective Equipment and First Aid. Specific emphasis is given to residential and commercial fall protection systems while accessing roofs utilizing OSHA 1910.30 as guideline for training requirements.

This class will also teach those attending how to prepare a Job Hazard Analysis as well as how to sell Safety in their perspective marketplace. This class is both hands on and classroom.
(Class Time 6 hrs).